GPS Law Group’s business law practice provides efficient and professional outside general counsel services to businesses and in house legal departments. Building on decades of experience, GPS Law Group’s attorneys bring their depth and breadth of business law experience to help businesses leaders negotiate, plan and structure key business decisions affecting all aspects of a business’s lifecycle. Our attorneys are adept at formulating legal strategies to help clients achieve their business goals because we are lawyers who understand business and the practical realities and industry pressures our clients face. For us, it’s not about winning every point; it’s about understanding what points are important to our clients, and then making sure that we focus on them.
Business Formation
& Structuring
Choosing a business structure determines how a new company operates and how it is taxed. GPS Law Group will help you select the best structure to fit a company’s needs and growth. Our quick turnaround formation services offer everything you need to get up and running, including: state filing documents, fully customized governing documents (articles of incorporation, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, etc.), EIN, and required tax filings. More importantly, we approach each business as a unique planning opportunity to ensure that the founder’s goals are met by minimizing taxes, maximizing estate planning possibilities, and ensuring future investments will not require costly restructuring.
The day-to-day contracts that underly a business’s operations can be a ticking time bomb of potential liability. Our attorneys work with business decision makers to negotiate and draft effective contracts that protect our clients and help them realize their business objectives. In addition to designing contracts to avoid costly disputes, we routinely assist our clients with resolving contractual disputes and enforcing contractual rights.
The fiduciary duties of corporate directors, managers of LLC’s or LP’s, and majority owners are the starting point for corporate decision making. The attorneys at GPS Law Group have extensive experience in advising clients on their fiduciary obligations on both the routine and extraordinary decisions they encounter. Additionally, we proactively advise decision makers on negotiating fiduciary duties issues in shareholder agreements, operating agreements and joint venture agreements to clarify and minimize the potential risk for decision makers.
Transactional due diligence is increasingly becoming a costly, but essential undertaking in corporate transactions. GPS Law Group takes a “value-add” approach to due diligence by leveraging technology to deliver an operational work product instead of the traditional due-diligence memo. For example, we work with our buy-side clients to create interactive databases that organize contractual terms that can then be integrated into a contract management system. Our sell-side clients also have leveraged this approach to prepare customized data rooms that speed up the diligence process.
Business Succession
The transfer of ownership of a private or family-owned business is a unique challenge that can lead to tax issues, family dynamic issues, management issues, and can overall affect the ongoing viability of a business. GPS Law Group advises companies and individual owners on corporate succession planning ahead of retirement of key owners, and in connection with planning for the unexpected death or disability of an owner.
Our attorneys help private companies raise capital and investors make investments in all types of capital raising transactions including friends and family convertible note financing, series seed financing, angel funding, venture capital series investing, follow-on financing, and private placements. We help our clients with all phases of capital raising, including self-diligence, drafting term sheets, drafting deal documents, managing closings, planning and documenting exemptions from registration, blue sky compliance, documenting offering statements, etc.
Mergers &
GPS Law Group’s attorneys have represented all types of businesses in merger and acquisition transactions, from small family owned businesses to large international public companies in industries ranging from retail liquor stores to space tourism. Our breadth of experience includes representing LPs, LLCs and partnerships in acquisitions and sales of assets, partnership interests and membership interests. We also handle asset and stock dispositions, reorganizations, and transactions with non-profit organizations. We tailor our advice and solutions to each business, industry and specific transactions and deliver results at cost effective price points.
GPS Law Group’s attorneys handle divestitures, joint ventures and strategic alliances. We structure these agreements with special attention to the business, tax and accounting consequences they may pose, creatively integrating these considerations to provide a cohesive solution. At the same time, we are adept at working to protect intellectual property, particularly in licensing agreements that are often at the heart of a strategic relationship.

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